Dear patients,

Laboratory Bodimed is pleased to announce that you can now take advantage of the latest in vitro diagnostic test for food intolerance – Food Xplorer (FOX).
Food intolerance is a reaction often referred to as “hidden”, “masked” hypersensitivity, which is a systemic response of the whole body. This is not an allergy, but a reaction of the immune system leading to the formation of IgG (Immunoglobulin G) antibodies against certain foods. For more informaion you can click here

Food Xplorer includes 283 food sources. The food groups are:

Milk and eggs
Fish and seafood
Cereals and seeds
Edible mushrooms
New foods
Coffee and tea

This test allows for a positive change for diet and therapy of various diseases, as well as for good prevention and prevention of a number of conditions. Food intolerance is not a lifelong diagnosis. After a proper and systematic dietary approach to gradually overcome, adapt and treat these eating disorders, patients return to their normal diet of healthy people.