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Founded by Prof. Bushka Zaharieva, as the first private laboratory specialized in hormonal research.


It expands with the opening of a clinical laboratory


It becomes a laboratory for conducting clinical studies by well-known pharmaceutical institutes in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the USA, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, etc.


A branch is opened on “Positano” Street№24.


A joint activity with Labor Limbach – Germany begins. In this way, the Bulgarian market offers the widest range of research that is not carried out in the country.


Expands with the discovery of a microbiological unit.


It concludes a contract with the NHIF and at the same time with many private insurance companies: Dom Zdrave, OZOF Doverie, BULSTRAD Zdrave, ZOK Nadezhda, Dall Bogg Life and Health, Generali Zakrila, Euroins Zdravno besverezhne, DZI, FI Health, Life Insurance Institute AD. Conducts external quality control in NSVOK.


It becomes the first private laboratory accredited by the Ministry of Health.


A branch is opened in Plovdiv.


Bodimed receives a certificate from ISO 9001:2000.


A branch is opened at 29 “Buzludzha” street and confirms the joint activity with Labor Limbach – Germany.


Opening of a laboratory in Sandanski.


It becomes the only laboratory in Bulgaria that is accredited by the German accreditation service DAkkS according to the highest international standard for laboratory quality ISO 15189:2007. Additional external control in foreign institutions (INSTAND) begins for the full range of accredited studies.


A laboratory is opened in Stara Zagora.


A branch is opened in Burgas.


Expands with the unveiling of the Parasitology Unit.


Began to deal with molecular diagnostics for NC analysis – PCR and cooperation with NIPD genetics


It expands with the opening of Virology and Cytology units and begins first contacts with a laboratory in Germany – GANZIMMUN.


A branch is opened in Pleven.


Establishment in the building at Lajos Kossuth Street No. 4.


Opening of a microbiology sector in the city of Plovdiv.


Discovery of a new sector in a clinical laboratory – methodology HPLC-MS/

Medical-diagnostic laboratory Bodimed – the first private hormonal laboratory was founded in 1991. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a reference and leading laboratory. With a team of nearly 200 professionals at the highest level, we are able to meet the needs of patients by creating excellent service conditions.

The quality of work is an internal contract and the main priority of the laboratory. By constantly improving quality and fulfilling our motto “When you need to be sure”, we realize the high standards of our activity.

The structure of the laboratory includes sectors for clinical laboratory, hormones, tumor markers, microbiology, parasitology, virology, immunology and cytology.

In 1999 Bodimed is the first laboratory in Bulgaria to start a joint activity with Dr. Limbach’s laboratory in Germany. This gave patients the opportunity to do rare tests that were not being done in the country.
Bodymed Laboratory is the first and only laboratory in the country that has met the requirements of the highest international laboratory standard ISO 15189 and is accredited by the German Accreditation Service DakkS.

Since 2007. we became part of the largest laboratory chain in Germany of Dr. Limbach and colleagues.

MDL Bodymed has extensive experience in international projects, congresses and clinical studies. From them we draw ideas and experience for continuous development and optimization.
We are recognized throughout the country. Our results are also valid abroad.

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